Geotechnical Engineering

NCE believes in a business approach to projects that puts talented and experienced engineers in direct contact with clients. Clear communication and partnering of our geotechnical engineers with other design team members, especially civil and structural engineers, allows for a better defined scope and results.Our geotechnical staff has been involved in providing services for bridges, refineries, large commercial buildings (technology complexes and university buildings), hospitals, power plants, dams, landfills, water treatment plants, commercial freight rail, and public transit. We pride ourselves on developing innovative site investigation approaches, data analysis and computer modeling techniques, and field and laboratory testing.

Geotechnical Investigations

Methods of Investigation

  • Review of Available Existing Geotechnical Data
  • Assessment of Need for Additional Field Exploration
  • Exploratory Soil and Rock Drilling and Sampling
  • Groundwater Piezometers
  • Exploratory Test Pits and Sampling
  • Soil and Rock Laboratory Testing

Site Conditions

  • Seismicity
  • Regional and Local Geologic Setting
  • Surface andSubsurface Conditions
  • Groundwater Conditions

Geologic Hazards

  • Ground Shaking
  • Fault Rupture
  • Slope Stability
  • Liquefaction Potential
  • Seismically Induced Settlement
  • Expansive Soils

Excavation Considerations

  • Soil and Rock Excavatability/Rippability
  • Excavation Stability
  • Underpinning and Shoring
  • Temporary Excavation Dewatering

Geotechnical Recommendations

  • Earthwork
  • Shallow and Deep Foundations
  • Seismic Design Parameters
  • Permanent Shoring and Retaining Wall Design Criteria
  • Slab On Grade Floors
  • Pavements
  • Subgrade Preparation and Stabilization
  • Surface Drainage
  • Corrosion Potential


Post Investigation Services

Plan and Specification Review

  • Review of Geotechnical Aspects forCivil and Structural Plans and Specifications

Services during Construction

  • General Earthwork
  • Retaining Walls, Shoring, and Underpinning
  • Soil and Rock Cuts
  • Foundation Installation
  • Foundation Load Testing
  • Soil Nail and Tie-Back Load Testing